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Chesterton in Vanity Fair
This print of Chesterton was done by Vanity Fair near the turn of the century when he was in the midst of creating many of his classic books.
Chesterton sketch
Three Medieval Characters. Click on thumbnail to see accompanying note on the Beaconsfield stationary along with larger picture. (1909)
Father Brown
Father Brown's first ever appearance in print! Click to see the artwork as it appeared in the July 23rd, 1910 issue of the Saturday Evening Post.
Chesteron autographed photo
Autographed photograph of GKC.
Handwritten Chesterton poem
Chesterton poem in his own handwriting:
"After Reading a Book of Modern Verse."
Chesterton's funeral morning card

Top Meadow, Beaconsfield, June 1936. Mrs. Chesterton's mourning card.

Chesterton autographed dinner menu
French Menu Dinner signed by Chesterton. Front and back, dated March 4th, 1924
Greybeards at Play
The complete text including sketches from the rare first edition of Chesterton's first book "Greybeards at Play"

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