Hall of Fame

The other day I was rummaging through some old files on my hard drive and found some old scans from back around 2006.

At the end 1991 I left Dynamix (The Rise of a Dragon in Eugene Oregon) after being with the company from the very start as one of the four original owner-partners. Three weeks later Jeff Tunnell convinced me to come back and work at home on whatever I wanted. We talked about possible projects and then I went to the University of Oregon library and checked out some Rube Goldberg works and thought about design and how I could make Rube Goldberg  type contraptions work on computers. I spent a couple of months of thinking and writing a design document for the game.



Once that was done, I set up a work desk in our cold basement on West Broadway Street in Eugene, Oregon, started working on The Incredible Machine. I would walk to the office about once a week to show everyone what I was coming up with.It was real nice to open my copy of Computer Gaming World about a decade and a half later (in 2006) and see this:


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